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Fabelio Design & Build

Here in Fabelio we believe that no two businesses are the same, which is why our Design and Services service is tailored to each clients.

No matter what type of business you have, we assess, execute, and evaluate every projects with great care.

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Competitive Price

Our prices are competitive, and our services excellent; but above all we always put customer satisfaction as our number one priority.

We Cater To Your Needs

We are here for you throughout the entire process. To give you the best experience, we guarantee a swift response, customer-centric approach, and flexible services to fit your need. Our services are available for big, established business and humble beginnings alike.


For your peace of mind, the furniture we provide comes with a one year guarantee, and our civil works come with a generous retention period.

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How We Work

Our Clients

Our Past Works

Qraved, a company that is becoming increasingly popular for their restaurant review portal, came to us with the need of a new office. To accommodate their company that was still growing strong, they requested for an office with the least amount of restriction possible. We designed their office to have an open-plan layout with glass partitions that would allow maximum flexibility and transparency among their team, finished off with a minimalist-industrial feel.

There was once a time when Go-Jek didn't exist, and now we could not be more thankful that they do. In mid-2015, Go-Jek came to us with a project to design a call-center within their newly acquired office. We had to come up with a layout that'd allow maximum occupancy without completely sacrificing comfort and the ability to concentrate. In the end, we came up with a simple layout that incorporate a small partition among workers to give them the right amount of privacy when required, yet does not eliminate the ability to communicate seamlessly when it is required to do so.

UBER is becoming an increasingly crucial part of our society. Not long after their arrival in Indonesia, UBER's growth were fierce, and even more so the demand for their service. Confronted by the need for a new training center to meet the increasing demand, UBER decided to go with Fabelio's Design and Build to build their new training center. We were tasked to design a training center that would be appropriate in representing UBER, without sacrificing its functionality as a training center.

Owned by a twin that works together as a team in the creative graphic and branding industry, they came to Fabelio with a request for a cafe that focuses primarily on the visitor's comfort and very little on maximum number of occupants. Taking advantage of the client's creative upbringing, we decided to give them a space that'd act as a blank canvas that would grow and evolve with its owner. Taking cues from Japanese design aesthetics, this mission was deemed a big success. Sunset Limited is now one of the creative individual's favourite space to relax and collaborate.

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