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  • Defined, designed and Implement visual merchandizing strategy 
  • Create appealing visual displays at stores & website
  • Identify key message for campaign & products and set clear image of end result
  • Overseeing production & image quality

Responsibilities: Creating Banner design, ads, Catalog, Look Book and etc


  • Acquiring new clients
  • Survey location
  • Maintain existing customer relationship
  • Participate in Tender Projects and prepare all documents required
  • Monthly Customer Sales Report
  • Control design of furniture and fit out

My key task and responsibilities here is to create the design (as I mention earlier) and supervise all product designer so everything is on the right track, such as choosing the right material, design concept, construction and do trial and error for the prototype. Every product that we design already been communicate with supply team who make the NEED list and of course the rough pricing.

 Here we are collaborating with supplier and supply team to get the price and construction right. We will communicate with the supplier is it possible to produce or not and discuss together about the price.

 After we got approval from the supply team, design team will supervised of prototype status is it by phone/chats and physical check on their factory.

 All the prototype making stage is design team responsibilities until it was approved or reject by the R&D team.   

 For custom order furniture for B2C customer, I choose / info the CS team if it’d possible to produce or not and gave them rough estimation selling price. All the drawing (both 3d and technical drawing) can be done from my side or others product designer (in this case is nugie), but all the task will be given from my side and supervised the person in charge to make it right (structure, design, price).

For B2B custom usually my part here is fully to supervise the designer to do it, but if there was any emergency case

Job Description:

  • Become the key interface between customers and relevant project stakeholders (interior designer and project manager).
  • Communicate with clients and manage project progress
  • Develop and achieve sales through interior design service project management.
  • Focus on growing and developing existing clients, together with generating new business.


·         Create and maintain a testing pipeline

·         Build reusable code and libraries for future use

·         Review requirements with the product owner

·         Write test plans and test cases

·         Write Functional, Integration and Usability Tests

·         Ensure the quality of tests written by the team

·         Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders

Main responsibilities

●      Conducting several market research

●      Identifying potential collaboration or partnership and leads with prospective partners and clients

●      Create partnership proposal for potential partners based on partners’ needs and ensuring the partnership provide meaningful value to our partners.

●      Build and maintain strong, long-lasting partner relationships.

1. Maintain the validity of data from several sources
2. Maintain and enhance data warehouse
3. Build ETL job using Talend (or other ETL tools)
4. Build and maintain report and dashboard using analytics tools (Ms Excel, Google Analytics, ETC)
5. Conduct meeting with other function to define key metrics that want to measure in the report
6. Provide insight and recomendation about data analysis findings
7. Build scoring model for item boosting and item recomendation
8. Build tracker to track performance of website element
9. Help other function to automate things related to the reporting

Job Description:

  • Make detailed 2D/3D drawings and presentations to be shared with customers.
  • Coordinate with the sales design team (account managers) to understand the requirements from clients.

  • Suggest changes to the drawings of on­ site account managers if required.


  • Collect daily cash transaction 
  • Do and collect weekly bank transaction 
  • Preparation the finance budget 
  • Propose the payment supplier 
  • Support finance manager to arrange monthly financial report
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